82 police officers sue IGP, AG over delayed promotions

Some 82 police officers have filed a suit against the Attorney General (1st defendant), the Ghana Police Service (2nd defendant), and the Inspector General of Police (3rd defendant).

The plaintiffs contend that the Ghana Police Service failed to promote them after they finished their studies under the organization’s study leave with pay policy.

In the lawsuit filed at an Accra High Court on May 15, the officers led by Deputy Inspector Kofi Osal claim they were denied their deserved promotions as well as entry into the Police College after the successful completion of their studies during the 2017/2018 academic year.

They maintained that the agency refused to promote them despite duly notifying them of the situation and further appealing to be promoted.

The complainants are therefore requesting that the court issue an order directed against the 2nd and 3rd defendants to grant the plaintiffs who qualify for accelerated promotions.

They are also demanding that a permit is given to the plaintiffs who qualify to enter the Police College without further delay.


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