Anti-LGBTQ bill reflects desires of Ghanaians – Fordjour

The Member of Parliament for Assin South, John Ntim Fordjour, has stressed that the Promotion of Proper Sexual Human Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill represents the desires of Ghanaians.

He mentioned that the bill garnered support from various authorities, including Parliament and the clergy.

Speaking in an interview on Accra based Citi FM, Mr. Fordjour highlighted the unanimous approval and bipartisan consensus the bill received at the committee level, indicating that it reflects the views and values of the Ghanaian people.

“The bill received a bi-partisan unanimous approval at the committee level and there were no dissenting or whatsoever views. Both sides of the aisle at the committee level agreed and we sought the opinion of the Attorney General who even came to enrich the bill and eventually came back to the Floor of Parliament for a second reading so the entire Parliament is carried along and the position of the law that we are legislating is a true reflection of what the good people of Ghana stand for.

“A CDD survey conducted on the bill indicated that a significant 86 percent of people in this country support the bill that we are sponsoring and so it is a win situation for the people of Ghana and the Ghanaian society.”

He clarified that the bill is not religious in nature and does not aim to regulate morality but is the result of intellectual consultation and aligns with the constitution and international human rights treaties.

“It is not a religious law, it is not just a matter of morals but a product of intellectual consultation, and no portion of the bill violates any part of the constitution, or neither does it violate any international treaty or universal declaration on human rights and this is a collective victory.”

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