Bawumia urges Youth Resource Centres over maintenance

Vice-President Bawumia has called on the management of the Youth Resource Centres across the country to imbibe a culture of proper use and maintenance for the facilities.

Speaking during an inspection of ongoing works at the Wa Youth Resource Centre yesterday, Dr Bawumia expressed satisfaction at the progress of works so far, and challenged the contractor to meet the proposed completion date.

Phase One of the project is complete, according to the contractor, while Phase Two is 98% complete.

The Wa Youth Resource Centre is one of 10 such Resource Centres for which construction began in the then 10 Regions before the creation of six additional regions.

Among others, the multi-purpose Centres will have football pitches, stands, and other facilities for youth development and training to help them acquire the requisite skills in diverse sporting disciplines for the overall benefit of the society.


The Vice-President also recalled that this year’s Independence Day Celebration was held at the Resource Centre at Adaklu in the Volta Region, and emphasised that Government is committed to ensuring that the other centres were also completed.

“I am very impressed so far by what I have seen. I have been told by the contractor that in a couple of months’ works will be completed. This facility is very important for Ghana, especially the people of the Upper West Region and Wa. It is a multi-purpose facility, so hopefully it will help unearth talents in the many sporting disciplines and provide opportunities for their development. It will also help channel youthful energies to good use. This is a promise we have delivered, and we will continue to deliver on our promises,” he stressed.

The Vice-President, who was on a day’s visit to the region, was accompanied by the Upper West Regional Minister, Hafiz Bin Salih, and other government officials.

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