Fafali African Modelling, Fashion & Art Night (Famfan): All You Need To Know

Fashion and art have always been important aspects of African culture and specifically the Ghanaian culture, with vibrant prints, bold colors, and intricate patterns defining the continent’s unique style. Fafali African Modelling, Fashion & Art Night (FAMFAN) is an event that will be held to commemorate this year’s Independence Day celebration and our cultural heritage as a country. This article will explore all you need to know about FAMFAN.

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the Fafali Organization will be organizing the first edition of the Fafali African Modelling, Fashion, & Art Night (FAMFAN) at the Jerremite International School from 4 pm-6 pm.

FAMFAN is an event that seeks to bring together children from our programs and community as a whole to showcase the beauty and diversity of African fashion and art. The event features a fashion show, art display (face painting), poetry recitals, and cultural displays that highlight Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.

Senyo Sosu, CEO of the Fafali Organization, shared his thoughts on what it means to hold such an event and the intended impact we hope to make as this will be the first of its kind.

“FAMFAN as an event is a great exposure for our talented children. We believe that our children have different skill sets and it will only be fair to give them such a platform to showcase them. Nothing better than using these skillsets to promote the Ghanaian culture at a time of our Independence Day celebrationMr. Sosu said. He also added that “this will be a collaborative effort from children in our different programs (Ball & Brain, Fit4Fun, Drum, Dance & Dream, Dzidefo Girls Club, etc.) and it has always been our goal as an organization to foster that sense of comradery among these children to be able to put on a great show”.

“We hope to make FAMFAN an annual event to keep our communities engaged during our Independence Day celebration as part of our efforts to promote community revitalization” Mr. Sosu concluded.

FAMFAN is the brain project of Felicia Tede of Licias Wardrobe, who came up with this concept as a way of portraying who we are as a people and what we stand for. As a fashion designer, Felicia previously contributed school supplies like bags and pencil cases to support the organization. She reached out to the organization once again to undertake this project which falls under our Art program, which is her way of giving back to her society.

“It is a month (March) where Ghana gained independence from British colonial rule, which is why I believe FAMFAN provides the avenue through which the next generation must be taught how our founding fathers fought for our freedom,” Felicia said. She also added that “we are at a point in history where people have little to no regard for who we are as a people because we have lost our history but we want to empower these young ones to fully understand our culture and always carry it on”.

As an organization that is looking to empower these young children, art is one area we believe is an essential component of our society, hence, portraying our culture as a people through our art program is an opportunity we could not pass on.

What is unique and exciting about FAMFAN?

FAMFAN is a multifaceted event that features a range of activities, including a fashion show, art display (face painting), poetry recitals, cultural displays, and collaborative & bonding sessions.

Fashion Show: This is one of the major side attractions for this event. The show will feature young boys and girls who will showcase their collections on the runway, featuring traditional prints blended with some modern designs. These children will be looking to display their collections with elegance and poise.

Art Display: FAMFAN also features art displays by children in our art program. These displays will come in the form of face paintings for all performers and anyone who would love to be painted. This display offers these children the platform to showcase their art skills after undergoing training in our art club.

Poetry Recitals: Four of our children will be reciting poems and talking about the different colors of the Ghanaian flag and what they represent. FAMFAN will give these children the opportunity to showcase their oratory skills.

Cultural Display: FAMFAN also features cultural displays that will portray the diversity of Ghanaian cultures. The displays will include traditional dances and costumes from different parts of the country, providing a unique opportunity for all other children and all present to experience the different Ghanaian cultures firsthand.

Collaborative & Bonding Session: A key objective adopted during all Fafali programs is building a sense of comradery among children in all our programs. We believe FAMFAN offers these children in our different programs the opportunity to make new friends, interact with each other, and build in each one, a sense of togetherness.

FAMFAN presents us with an opportunity to promote our Ghanaian cultural heritage and diversity, showcasing the richness and vibrancy of Ghanaian cultures to the world. The event will promote cultural exchange and understanding, fostering connections and collaborations that can promote peace and unity in our programs and beyond.

FAMFAN promises to be an exciting experience for all who will show up as our children will be looking to put on their best displays to project our culture, heritage, and history.

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