Fawoto Begye Police College hits Dampare

The Inspector General of Police has allegedly reintroduced “Fawoto Begye Gulf” in the police administration.

The policy was first introduced by General Ignatius Kutu Acheampong. Of the many things that were popular during the tenure of Acheampong in the 1970s, the recollection of the term ‘fawoto begye Golf’ can never be overlooked.

General Kotu Acheampong decided to use state resources to buy gulf for beautiful ladies he was dating at the time as a head of state.

Acheampong’s relations with women became one big issue during his time in office. Most married women abandoned their husbands at the time and felt love for Acheampong because of the gulf car.

In fact, his detractors rebranded the VW cars women drove as Fawoto begye (“bring your behinds for it”), which was to say the women traded sex for the cars.

George Akuffo Dampare’s administration and his policies can be likened to Kutu Acheampong’s policy. Dampare known as Kwaku Frimpong in the police cycle policy is “Fawoto Begye police College” – meaning ladies that are dear to his feelings and on his dating list are sent to police College.

Akuffo Dampare has allegedly created serious problems in the police administration and has brought enmity to majority of the servicemen and government of Akufo-Addo. It is alleged that Dampare amorous girlfriends numbering 11 of them are currently at the police College for a six course and after which they would be promoted. #Dampare must Go

This is the voice of a concerned citizen with an eagle eye.

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