Julius Debrah distances himself from Mahama’s running mate role

In response to growing speculation surrounding his potential role as a National Democratic Congress (NDC) running mate for former President John Mahama in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, former Chief of Staff Julius Debrah has issued a press statement to clarify his position.

Mr. Debrah in a statement dated August 9, 2023 expressed his gratitude for the recognition and support he has received from various interest groups and individuals who have mentioned his name in connection to the position.

However, he made it clear that he wants to distance himself from these sentiments as he has not expressed any intention to take on such a role.

While acknowledging that people might be motivated by a genuine belief in his capabilities, Mr. Debrah emphasized that he has not conveyed any interest in becoming a running mate.

He underscored his existing close working relationship with former President Mahama and his understanding of the President’s decision-making process.

“I have worked with President Mahama and continue to be a close confidante of his. I have garnered enough experience working with him to know that he makes the right calls at the right time. He is not the kind of person to be lobbied for such a position,” Mr Debrah said.

He further outlined President Mahama’s current priorities, highlighting the ongoing consultations with key party structures, such as the FEC (Functional Executive Committee) and COE (Council of Elders), to fill crucial party positions.

Mr. Debrah also pointed out President Mahama’s focus on fund-raising efforts and supporting the proposed elections and IT directorates.

In conclusion, Mr. Debrah expressed his appreciation for the well-meaning sentiments expressed by various groups but urged for President Mahama to be given the space and peace of mind to make his own decision regarding the choice of a running mate when he deems it appropriate.

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