Mahama lies to Ghanaians about cement price, GHC800 per bag misleading

It has turned out that the claim of the former President and opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer aspirant, John Dramani Mahama, on the price of a bag of cement in the market, including Dzata cement, owned by his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, is untrue.

Though it is common knowledge that a bag of cement is sold between GHS90.00 and GHS100, John Mahama, addressing the party faithful, barely a few days before the crucial NDC delegates’ conference, stated before the cameras that a bag of cement was being sold at GHS800.00 to farmers in the market.

Following the claim by the former President, a team of Town Newspaper reporters visited a couple of cement shops in Accra to ascertain the validity of the statement.

Our sources confirmed that the price of a bag of cement, after shooting from GHS50.00 to GHS100.00 between the second and fourth quarter of 2022, due to the rise in inflation, had not been increased further.

Traders also disclosed that the prices of cement per bag in the market had been reduced from GHS100.00 to between GHS80.00 to GHS95.00 as the current price in the market.

Campaign lies

Decent Ghanaians may recall that John Mahama has been caught on record admitting that because politicians need not be faithful, a little truthfulness here and a little lie there is permissible.

“A lot of times, when it gets to election time, every political party begins to hustle, and so whatever you will say to get people’s hearts to turn towards you, is what you say. And if it’s a lie, you include it, if it’s the truth, you include it. We jumble it all together. The truth is there, but we won’t say it; but then we will mix it with lies,” he said.

In the latest episode, while addressing some farmers in Kpandai in the Northern Region, Mr Mahama said: “Today, things are expensive. If you are a farmer, today, a bag of cement is GH800.”

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