Mahama spent US$850m to deploy trops to counter Mali coup btn 2013 & 2015

Kwame Baffoe Abronye Writes

Beware of Confederacy of Liars: Setting the Record Straight on Niger Brouhaha


First and foremost, I would like to implore or cast the minds of Ghanaians to beware of these serial liars in the country as the 2024 elections are approaching.

These serial liars or confederacy of liars include Okudzeto Ablakwa, Fiifi Kwetey, Asiedu Nketiah, Fred Ogbamey, Baba Jamal, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Franklin Cudjoe, and Dr Omane Boamah. If Ghanaians can recollect, prior to the 2008 elections, these serial liars peddled so many falsehoods against all appointees under Kufour, especially ministers of state, claiming that these ministers had bank accounts with huge sums of money at Prudential Bank.

They promised Ghanaians that, when voted into power, all these ministers would be arrested and prosecuted. Some Ghanaians trusted their lies against those appointees and voted for them in 2008, and they won.

Some of these confederacy of liars were appointed ministers or deputy ministers of state. When these appointees appeared before the vetting committee and were asked to justify some of the falsehoods they peddled against the Kufour government, to our surprise, they told the vetting committee that what they said was political talk. How long can we continue to believe this confederacy of liars in the country?

Now to my issue on Niger.

It is palpably false by the NDC that President Akufo-Addo is sending Ghanaian troops to Niger or deploying troops to wage war against the people of Niger. In fact, the President of the Republic of Ghana and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces has not taken any such decision. Ghana is a member of the UN Security Council, and there is a treaty that binds the Ghanaian people unless we exit as a member.

Furthermore, Ghana is a member of ECOWAS, and decisions of the ECOWAS community bind our dear nation, Ghana, unless we decide to exit from ECOWAS membership. My question to the conspiracy of liars in this country is: Should we continue to be a member of the UN Security Council and ECOWAS, or should we exit?


The statement from Asiedu Nketiah and Okudzeto Ablakwa that Ghanaians are suffering, there is a lot of hardship in the country, and President Akufo-Addo is going to war is absolutely childish and balderdash.

Balderdash in the sense that Akufo-Addo is not going to war in Niger, either today or tomorrow. This confederacy of liars went on to say that John Mahama would not send troops to war while his people are in hardship. I would like to ask the NDC confederacy of liars, were we having manna in 2013 and 2015 respectively when John Mahama deployed troops to Mali?

The answer is a resounding no. I would like to expose Okudzeto Ablakwa for saying that John Mahama never deployed troops to fight any African, which is a big falsehood.

I must state categorically that between February 14, 2013, and January 10, 2015, John Mahama, then as ECOWAS president, deployed Ghanaian troops to Bamako in Mali to fight the coup makers.

Does that mean Ghana went to war? The answer is no. What has changed this time around? Were Ghanaians better off between 2013 and 2015 than today when he deployed troops to Bamako in Mali to fight coup makers?

If deploying troops to support the UN Security Council or ECOWAS to stabilize peace in a neighboring country amounts to war, then John Mahama was the first person to have done that. Ghana spent 850 million dollars for sending troops to fight coup makers in Mali between 2013 and 2015

Below are links or publications that support my point that John Mahama indeed, in 2013 and 2015 respectively, deployed Ghanaian troops to Bamako, the capital of Mali, to fight coup makers.

Ghana deploys C295 transport aircraft to support UN in Mali

Let’s beware of the confederacy of liars in this country.

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