Mahama’s coming will be governmental ‘armed robbery’

Sources available to the Townnewspaper indicate that should the opposition NDC’s flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama, win the 2024 elections and become President of Ghana, he will administer a ‘leadership of robbery and diabolic agenda’, to the detriment of Ghana.

According to our sources, Mahama is planning to bringing on board bad strategy to exploit Ghana for his parochial and selfish interest. The source added that Mahama was exceedingly abysmal when he was at the helm of the country’s highest office (Presidency).

The source stressed that Mahama is only coming to ruin the good things the incumbent NPP has started and fulfilled with bad ideologies and selfish policies to undermine Ghana’s development.

The source further urged Ghanaians to seriously consider that Mahama is unfit to be President again and vote against him in the upcoming 2024 General elections.

The source, who happened to be NDC big wig, on the basis of anonymity, insisted that Mahama had broke the pres­id­en­tial code and was simply disappointing at the Presidential position.

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