Former President of Ghana and a flagbearer of National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama’s statement pledging to review the Anti-Gay Bill if elected in 2024 has ignited a passionate controversy.

The criticism from the Bono regional chairman of the Ruling new patriotic Party (NPP) Kwame Baffoe Abronye, has labelled Mahama’s promise as controversial and open to interpretation, raising questions about his stance and alleged connections to the gay community.

Kwame Baffoe Abronye, known for his candid nature, expressed strong disapproval of Mahatma’s commitment to review the Anti-Gay Bill, dismissing it as an issue that requires careful consideration.

While Abronye accused Mahama of inconsistency, drawing parallels to a chameleon, he emphasized that diverse perspectives exist regarding the former president’s motivations, avoiding strong accusations.

Kwame Baffoe Abronye’s claims pointed to a reported friendship between Mahama and Andrew Solomon, a prominent figure in the global gay community.


Citing an article written by Solomon in 2013 titled “In Bed with The President of Ghana,” they alleged that Mahama and Solomon attended Ghana’s inaugural same-sex wedding in 2005, leading to a bond between them.

While Mahama has garnered support from Andrew Solomon, a well-known gay activist and affluent individual, he has maintained a reserved stance on LGBTQ+ issues in the country. In contrast, President Nana Addo Akufo-Addo explicitly stated during his tenure that same-sex marriage would not be approved. This position was reiterated on specific occasions, including the installation of the second Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Ghana.

Amnesty International Ghana, a renowned human rights organization, has consistently voiced concerns about the Anti-Gay Bill, perceiving it as a potential infringement on human rights. Mahama, responding to Amnesty International Ghana’s criticism, expressed openness to revaluating the bill if he were to win the 2024 general elections.

This unexpected announcement sparked intense discussions within various segments of society.

Careful consideration

Kwame Baffoe Abronye by this statement urging Ghana’s Christian Communities, Muslim Societies, and Traditional Leaders to carefully consider Mahama’s associations with the gay and lesbian community. Citing Mahama’s mention of Andrew Solomon’s support and contributions in his book “MY FIRST COUP D’ÉTAT,” Abronye emphasized the importance of addressing these concerns.

In the book, Mahama expresses gratitude to Solomon, a respected U.S. National Book Award winner, for his endorsement and hosting a memorable dinner party.

These allegations have stirred a divisive debate among Ghanaians, with differing opinions on the matter. Some advocate for a more inclusive approach, emphasizing the importance of respecting human rights, while others argue that same-sex relationships contradict traditional values and religious beliefs.

With the 2024 general elections on the horizon, voices expressing concerns over what they perceive as potential implications of Mahama’s pledge grow louder.

The nation anticipates the election results, recognizing that they will play a pivotal role in determining the future of the Anti-Gay Bill and LGBTQ+ rights—a topic that has gained significant prominence in Ghana’s political discourse.

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