NDC doesn’t need alcoholic – Team Duffuor

The race for the flagbearer position in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken an unexpected turn as a leaked petition addressed to the NDC General Secretary has surfaced ahead of the party’s presidential primaries on tomorrow May 13, 2023.

The petition was written by Team Duffuor, supporters of former Finance Minister Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, who is competing against former President John Dramani Mahama and Kojo Bonsu, former Kumasi MCE.

The letter calls on party members to reject Mahama’s candidacy based on his alleged “alcohol addiction” and his inability to make sound judgments to solve Ghana’s problems.

The letter, signed by Kofi B. Kukubor and dated May 7, has been copied to all NDC national delegates.

The letter states that the current times require a sober flagbearer who can tackle the challenges that Ghana is facing.


It further states that if the party’s structures cannot disqualify candidates with alcohol addiction problems, delegates must save the party and the country by voting massively against such candidates.

The letter further stated that “The current times, in which we are, requires that we do not elect a flagbearer with serious alcohol addiction issues. We need a flagbearer who will be sober enough to tackle the challenges that we face as a country”

It added “It is for this reason that Team Duffuor is of the firm conviction that if the party’s structures cannot disqualify candidates with alcohol addiction problems, delegates must save our party and the country by voting massively against such candidates. We must see this as a call to national duty”.

This move by Team Duffuor could dent the fortunes of former President Mahama, whose link to alcohol has resurfaced.

The letter has drawn attention to the issue and could sway voters in favor of Duffuor.


Some of Mahama’s latest comments have not helped his cause, and the allegations of alcohol addiction could undermine his candidacy.

The NDC presidential primaries promise to be a closely contested affair, with both candidates seeking to win the support of the party faithful.

Interesting thing happened in Kpandai in the Northern Region of Ghana, while Mr Mahama was addressing farmers when he sought to give an example of the current price of a cement bag in Ghana but appeared to have mixed up the prices.

“Today, things are expensive. If you are a farmer, today, a bag of cement is GH¢800,” Mr Mahama said, to which members of the crowd murmured the price, “GH¢100!,”.

While some were of the view that it was a genuine mistake, others concluded that it due to the facial appearance of Mr. Mahama who looked dazed with alcohol.

During 2016, former President Mahama, was seen on several occasions holding a small flask containing an unknown liquid which he sipped from intermittently.

Public opinion

The photos went viral on social media, and the public expressed various opinions about what Mahama had been drinking.

In one of the photos, Mahama was seated with former Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho, behind a table with a bottle of water and a flask, while the former speaker had only a bottle of water and a glass.

Despite the widespread speculation, the content of the flask was never revealed to the public. Some members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) claimed that the container had whisky, but Mahama never confirmed or denied this allegation. The flask became a notable accessory for Mahama on many public occasions.

Meanwhile, Team Duffuor, has raised the issue of Mahama’s mysterious flask, which could influence the voting in the upcoming NDC presidential primaries.

The controversy surrounding the flask could impact Mahama’s candidacy, and his opponents could use it to persuade voters to support their preferred candidate.

Find copy of the letter below:


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