Night police patrol teams struggle to get fuel for duty

Night police patrol teams struggle to get fuel for duty

It is surprising to know that, the Police Night Patrol Teams sometimes struggle to get fuel for their usual duty in order to reduce crime.


But George Akuffo Dampare, the IGP has directed one of his bootlickers in the person of Adam Bonaa to draw fuel from the police fuel dump while the National Security that is supposed to stop this illegality is unconcerned about the situation.

Akuffo Dampare bootlicker, Adam Bonaa was recently awarded a contract to procure cameras for the police service without the consent of the National Security.

Akuffo Dampare since assumption of office has been using the media to intimidate the government, hence the National Security and the appointees are afraid to call him to order or get him fired.

Most senior officers are worried about the unprecedented procurement breaches under Dampare’s administration and has, therefore, called on the Editor-in-Chief of this online paper to intervene.

Adam Bonaa, who has been attacking and insulting Akufo Addo government since 2017 till date, has been drawing fuel from the police fuel dump ever since Dampare assumed office.

This is the voice of concerned citizen with an eagle eye!

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