No way for corruptible ‘Mahama’ in 2024

A leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has ignited a fiery debate within the party by stating that former President John Mahama’s potential bid for the 2024 presidential election could spell disaster for Ghana’s governance administration.

The member, who chose to remain anonymous, claimed that Mahama’s return to power would be synonymous with corruption and a deliberate attempt to undermine the progress of the nation.

The NDC member alleged, “There’s no way for a ‘corruptible’ flagbearer like John Mahama in 2024. His return to the political scene seems to be driven by motives beyond serving the interests of the Ghanaian people. Instead, it appears that his agenda might be to disrupt our governance administration, potentially causing harm to the prospects of our nation’s progress”.

The statement, made during a closed-door meeting of NDC members, has sent shockwaves through the party’s ranks and has prompted a divided response from supporters and officials alike.


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