Ntim: Unity vital for NPP’s triumph in 2024

The National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Stephen Ayesu Ntim, has advised the rank and file of the party to embrace unity in their dealings to ensure victory in the 2024 general elections and beyond.

Addressing a rally at Kumawu in the Ashanti Region on Sunday, Mr Ntim called for oneness across all levels of the party, from the electoral area level through to the national level.

He stressed that unity is an essential ingredient for the success and development of every serious political party, adding that “any party that lacks unity will likely implode with dire consequences on its political fortunes”.

“Unity is very important at all levels of the party, from electoral area to national level. If there’s no unity, there’ll certainly not be peace within the party. This will not allow leaders of the party to have the peace of mind to think about the decisions and programmes that will make the party develop.

“Unity is very important to me as National Chairman, so I never take it for granted. Please, if you’re not at peace with your fellow party member, please make peace with the person so we forge ahead as a united party,” Mr Ntim advised.

Touching on the by-election, he entreated the electorate to offer their unflinching support to Ernest Yaw Anim, saying “he is the only candidate that the party recognizes and supports, who must be voted for”.

The NPP National Chairman further described Yaw Anim as “smart, affable and a unifier” to represent them in Parliament. He pledged that the party and government will support the candidate when he’s elected as the Member of Parliament to continue with the developmental projects in Kumawu.

Retaining power

The NPP Chairman also stressed the need for commitment in sustaining the fight to keep the government in power, adding: “We cannot accept the backsliding that takes place every now and then. It doesn’t benefit our nation.”

He assured the party’s rank and file that the NPP administration can be trusted to lead Ghanaians through the current economic challenges, and secure a better future for them.

He said the party under the current leadership is determined to win new seats through effective campaign in the 2024 general elections.

The NPP Chairman charged party members to be missionaries in spreading the good news of development being rolled out by the Akufo-Addo administration.

He said it is part of the process to position the party to ‘break the eight’, adding “such information will go a long way to convince the ordinary Ghanaian to appreciate the gains, and be encouraged to vote massively for the NPP in 2024”.

“We are called upon to have a missionary zeal in the work of governance and at the same time spread the good news of the New Patriotic Party government. We’ve got to tell our story…If we do not trumpet our achievements, and they are many, no one will tell them for us. Let’s be agents of the party by telling the government’s success stories,” he indicated.

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